“C.S. Lewis on Pain” by Robert Banks

Moore College School of Theology

Robert Banks will be speaking on “C.S. Lewis on Pain” as part of the https://www.olymptrade.co.ke/charges Moore Theological College 2006 School of Theology conference.

The School of Theology will tackle the issues of Anger, Obsession, Despair, Anxiety, Disappointment and Pain under the title of “The Consolations of Theology”.

The lectures are:

  1. Lactantius on Anger (Richard Gibson);
  2. Augustine on Obsession (Andrew Cameron);
  3. Luther on Despair (Mark Thompson);
  4. Kierkegaard on Anxiety (Peter Bolt);
  5. Bonhoffer on Disappointment (Brian Rosner);
  6. C.S. Lewis on Pain (Robert Banks).

Boston church historian, http://olymptrade.co.ke/pc_and_mobile Dr. Gwenfair Walters, will lecture on “The Consolations of Theology in the Middle Ages”.

The conference promises to be genuinely cheering, practical and edifying, as well as offering as fascinating tour of the history of theology. After all, the consolations of theology are the consolations of God!

Dates: Wednesday 20th September and Thursday 21st September.

Venue: Broughton Knox Lecture Theatre, Moore Theological College, 15 King St, Newtown, Sydney.

Time: 9 am-5 pm.

Cost: TBC.

For bookings and further information, https://www.olymptrade.co.ke/strategy contact Elizabeth on 9577 9918 or email 150 [at] moore [dot] edu [dot] au.

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