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Karen Beilharz | 16 June 2006, 17:12 |

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The Problem of Pain

Everyone comes up against the problem of pain at some time or other in their lives. It causes us to question exness.za.com the existence of God. It makes us doubt the goodness of his character. But is it really an obstacle to faith?

Robert Banks will be speaking on what C.S. Lewis had to say about this subject as part of the Moore Theological College 2006 School of Theology conference. Here is just a taste of what he has to say on the matter:

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Karen Beilharz | 11 July 2006, 11:05 | Comment

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Andrew Cameron on Lewis and The Inner Ring

On Friday 5 May at Lewis for Scholars, Dr Andrew Cameron, the Bruce Smith Lecturer in Philosophy and Ethics at Moore Theological College, gave a paper on Lewis and The Inner Ring. We are pleased to be able to reproduce it here as a free download from the conference:

No discussion of Lewis can be complete, I believe, without consideration of what he called “one of the great permanent mainsprings of human action”. I raise it at the conference because I don't think it is possible to understand either Lewis the man, nor Lewis the thinker, without reference to it. Likewise, Lewis would probably raise it at this conference because he would contend, I believe, that it is integral to a proper understanding of ourselves. At a conference considering “C.S. Lewis Today”, this mainspring, at least, remains the same as always.

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Karen Beilharz | 7 July 2006, 08:22 | Comment

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Can't remember the name of your favorite Marsh-wiggle?

Narnia Confidential has everything you wanted to know about The Chronicles of Narnia all in the one place:

The goal of this Web site is to provide a rich and comprehensive reference for fans of The Chronicles Of Narnia. Can't remember the name https://exness.za.com of your favorite Marsh-wiggle? Want to look up the name of Professor Kirke's housekeeper? Narnia Confidential is the fan-created database that has the answers.

Karen Beilharz | 4 July 2006, 16:58 | Comment [1]

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Diane Speed on “Lewis and Allegory”

On Friday 5 May at Lewis for Scholars, Dr Diane Speed, Senior Lecturer in Medieval Studies at the University of Sydney, gave a paper on Lewis and Allegory. We are pleased to be able to reproduce it here as a free download from the conference:

In my own student days, The Allegory of Love was a major item on our reading lists for medieval literature, and we devoured with wonder the wealth of learning, so integrated and worn so lightly, presented between the covers. In the 21st century, it is still highly recommended reading in certain of my own classes, and not just as a classic reference. Individual points of arguments have been taken up and even refuted with some force. Scholars have, in varying degrees, taken the exegesis of the individual literary texts the book investigates further, and laid the grids of modern textual theories across them. But The Allegory of Love is arguably unmatched in its magisterial treatment of a millennium of texts and their broader intellectual implications, and it certainly cannot remain other than seminal in a major field of scholarly endeavour.

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Karen Beilharz | 30 June 2006, 08:55 | Comment

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Download an MP3 excerpt of the Lewis for Everyone film panel

At Lewis for Everyone on Saturday 6 May 2006, a panel consisting of Don McAlpine (Director of Photography), Tracey Reebey (part of the Academy award-winning hair and make-up team) and Linda Banks (who, in the absence of Douglas Gresham, stepped in to represent C.S. Lewis readers and fans) discussed the film, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Robert Banks chaired the discussion.

You can now listen to part of it by downloading the MP3 file (15.5MB; 25 min approx).

Those wishing to hear the panel session in its entirety may be interested in purchasing the audio CD or DVD from the Macquarie Christian Studies Institute who hosted the event.

Karen Beilharz | 22 June 2006, 22:17 | Comment [1]

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Start a conversation with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Are you keen to use The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe somehow at your church? Are you wondering how to get your kids thinking about the meaning behind the story? Linda and Robert Banks https://www.exness.za.com have written two helpful resources to get you started.

Karen Beilharz | 20 June 2006, 23:16 | Comment

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Narnia on the Big Screen: An interview with Robert and Linda Banks

This interview was first published in abridged form in Alive (February 2006) and it will also appear in full in the July edition of Zadok.

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Karen Beilharz | 17 June 2006, 16:51 | Comment

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